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SSH Tunnel Service

Please Note:

This advanced service is only for people who already have an understanding of SSH clients, configuring SSH port forwarding, and how to setup applications to use a SOCKS proxy. If you do not understand these concepts, please do not purchase this service.

What is it?

The Guardster SSH Tunnel provides a secure method of accessing the Internet with complete privacy. By using an encrypted SSH tunnel to access the Guardster SOCKS proxy server, your data is encrypted and secure.

How does it work?

In order to use the Guardster SSH Tunnel, you configure your local applications such as Internet Explorer to use Guardster's SOCKS proxy. With the SSH tunnel in place, the applications will have all their data routed through the secure encrypted tunnel. Your privacy is assured. Remote servers (such as websites) that you access through properly configured applications and an established tunnel will only see Guardster servers. Your IP and other private information is hidden. In addition, your local ISP will only see that you have a connection to Guardster. There is no way to listen in to the encrypted flow of data to see your activity.


In order to access the tunnel, you will need an SSH client application. Such applications are Putty, SSH Secure Shell, and many others. The member account section provides links to several pieces of software that will work and includes instructions on common ones.

Information protected


The Guardster SSH Tunnel is available on a monthly, semi-annually, and yearly basis. The rates are as follows:

Guardster accepts payments via Paypal and money orders. All amounts are in US Dollars.

We generally do not have any specific bandwidth limits. We do monitor bandwidth usage and we will not tolerate users using bandwidth that is way outside the norm compared to the majority of our users. Guardster does not keep any logs on user activity going through the proxy. We only monitor the bandwidth used per account.


We do not log what you are doing. The only logs we have are when you login to use the service and how long you've used it for. But we occasionally do receive DMCA takedown notices with timestamp and (one of our server's) IP address. This is typically enough to narrow down which user was infringing. In these cases, we must take action, otherwise our service will be shut down. If we receive a notice, your access will be locked and subscription terminated. PLEASE do not use this service to BitTorrent/transfer copyrighted works- it could affect all Guardster users. Thank you.


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