Welcome to Guardster Your Privacy Headquarters
Encrypted SSL Proxy Service

Sign up for Guardster's subscription service for secure browsing via encrypted SSL. You can enjoy all the features of our free anonymous proxy plus more (see below)! We currently take payment via check/money order and Paypal. Paypal will assign you a username and password to use for your account - DO NOT LOSE THIS INFORMATION as it will be required to log in.

Subscription Features
  • All features of our free service (see right)
  • View larger files, images, and web sites
  • Secure SSL (https) access between your computer and our servers - your ISP cannot see what you are browsing
  • Access SSL (https) websites that require encryption
  • No ads or popups of any kind
Standard Features
  • Hide your identity
  • Guard your IP address
  • Surf Anonymously
  • Block cookies
  • Stop javascript
  • Block annoying ads
  • Hide images when you want
  • Hide your identity
  • Your Internet privacy is our business!

Subscribe to the SSL Proxy:

New Accounts unavailable as we upgrade our systems.
Accounts paid via Paypal will be activated immediately (unless paid by eCheck).

Payment Notes:
Payments: AdRoar, Inc. handles all Guardster payments. You will see this referenced by Paypal.
eChecks: If you are pay using an eCheck via Paypal, your account will not be activated until the eCheck clears Paypal. This could take up to 4 business days.
Renewal: When paying via Paypal, your account will automatically renew per the terms described on the next page at Paypal. You can cancel this anytime in your Paypal account or email Guardster Support and we can do so for you.

Please read our Refund Policy.


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